Learning new things, remembering experiences.

We all take our memory for granted, but you have probably noticed that there are times when your memory is better and times when it is not so good. These variations can be related to changes in your health. There is strong research evidence showing that improving risk factors for poor memory such as high blood pressure, diabetes and being overweight can have both immediate and long-term benefits for your memory. Enjoying an active lifestyle which includes regular exercise and exploring new places and activities can also be beneficial.

Monitor your memory

With neotiv's memory tests you can check how your memory performance is affected by any changes in your health and lifestyle. You can discover what is good and bad for your memory.

Memory Tests

Our memory tests target brain regions that are affected by aging and early Alzheimer’s disease.


Monitor your health and wellbeing by tracking your memory function over time.


Your test results will benefit dementia and memory research by leading institutions and scientists.

Support research against Alzheimer’s Disease

While using neotiv, you support the fight against Alzheimer’s disease! You are helping us to learn more about health and lifestyle factors that affect memory. This will also enable us to further optimize the memory tests for early decline in neurodegenerative diseases. In the future, these test results are thought to help initiating early Alzheimer’s intervention.

Join us!

In 2018 we will make the neotiv app available to Android and iOS users. We invite you to join us, to use neotiv to monitor your own memory function and to contribute to our research. If you want to join as a beta tester, please sign up here:

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